New England Road Trip day 4 – Maine Lighthouses

After three days in different states, we headed further north to stay for a while and add another checkmark to the boys’ list of visited states. The day began in New Hampshire at a warm 64 degrees and would remain [...]

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New England Road Trip day 2 – Vermont in the Fall

Much to our delight, fall arrived late in the Northeast this year. On this particular late October morning, temperatures in New York started at a balmy 55 degrees and only warmed up throughout the day, reaching the mid-70s during the [...]

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New England Road Trip day 1 – Driving to New Jersey

A 16-day journey through twelve states began at 7:15 AM on a cool October morning. The early Saturday start on empty roads was enjoyable until just over an hour into the drive when we stopped at the Virginia Welcome Center [...]

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