New England Road Trip day 11 – Halloween in New England

After more than a solid week of hiking and city walking, this Tuesday was an unintentional yet delightful break from the constant activity. We would leave Boston and take a long, leisurely route to visit friends in western Massachusetts via [...]

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Wild West Road Trip day 6 – Sequoia National Park

Keepin’ it real, day six was the most stressful day of the trip. It was supposed to be a rather relaxing day, meandering through Sequoia National Park to Kings Canyon and then completing the three-hour drive to Yosemite by nightfall. [...]

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Wild West Road Trip day 4 – Grand Canyon National Park

We were up bright and early on day four, driving away from our wigwam at 6:10 AM. I should probably mention that Arizona is in the Mountain Timezone but doesn’t recognize Daylight Savings so we were three hours behind Raleigh [...]

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