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My husband doesn’t share my Disney addiction. If he was the one in charge of planning our family’s vacations, Disney World probably wouldn’t make the list. He’s more of an outdoorsy National Parks hiking guy.

That’s certainly not to say he doesn’t enjoy himself when we’re actually AT Disney World or would ever opt out of a family trip to the Most Magical Place On Earth!

What I’m saying is that mens Disney shirts hold no appeal to him and I’ve had almost zero luck getting him to wear Disney shirts to Disney World!

All is not lost, though, for a wife who loves to see Disney shirts in her family’s Disney World trip photos.

The designers offering their prints on Teepublic are amazingly creative and there are so many choices for mens Disney shirts that don’t scream “DISNEY!” These are the sort of designs that you don’t realize are Disney unless you KNOW they’re Disney … you know?

There are no characters on these shirts.

No Mickey Mouse.

No castles.

Nothing that immediately makes one think of Disney, unless you’re a Disney fan and KNOW!

Teepublic has been in business for over a decade and provides a space for artists to sell their designs on a variety of products including clothing. It’s a win-win to support independent artists while wearing unique Disney shirts for less than the cost of clothing sold in the parks!

Each of these designs is available in several different shirt styles (several types of tees, tanks, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc.) and different colors. You can create a truly unique combination of design, style, and color that no one else in the parks is wearing!

I am a Teepublic affiliate which means I receive a small commission when purchases are made through the links on this page at no additional cost to you. Being an affiliate allows me to share products I use and love (I was buying and wearing Teepublic tees for years before becoming an affiliate!), while meeting the financial needs of this blog so I can continue bringing you Disney World trip planning information and advice.

Disney World Shirts for Men

This collection of mens Disney shirts highlight different attractions and characters within the parks from the Haunted Mansion to Flight of Passage … all without a single Mickey head!

Note that all of these shirts are available in womens and childrens sizes and styles as well. Just use the “Gender” option to switch to “Female” or see children’s links at the bottom of each page.

Epcot shirt
Epcot 1982 Classic
Monorail shirt
Big Thunder shirt
Wildest Ride in the Wilderness
Hollywood Tower Hotel shirt
Hollywood Tower Hotel
Monorail shirt
Please Stand Clear of the Doors
WED Imagineering shirt
WED Imagineering
Magic Kingdom shirt
Magic Kingdom Hiking Club
Haunted Mansion shirt
Grim Grinning Ghosts
Jungle Cruise shirt
AWOL Airwaves
Jungle Cruise shirt
Welcome to the Jungle
Dreamfinder shirt
Haunted Mansion shirt
Foolish Mortal
Enchanted Tiki Room shirt
Tiki Birds
Ikran AIrways
Ikran Airways

Star Wars and Mandalorian Shirts

If your partner is like mine, he’s probably most agreeable to wearing Star Wars shirts. Here are a few of my Teepublic favorites. I have an entire collection of my favorites at Best Star Wars Shirts to Wear to Disney World.

Mandalorian babysitting shirt
Mando Sunset
Yoda shirt
Do Or Not Do
Mando Sunset
Mando Sunset
Mandalorian shirt
First Encounter
Mandalorian shirt
This Is The Way
Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter

Mens Disney Movie Shirts

These shirts refer to Disney movies rather than Disney World park attractions. I adore shirts that treat locations and businesses from Disney movies as real businesses. Who would even know that a Marine Life Institute tee is actually a Disney tee … unless you know!

Aristocats shirt
O’Malley and the Alley Cats
Seven Dwarfs Mining shirt
Seven Dwarfs Mining Co
Frozen shirt
Arendelle Ice Cutters
Tangled shirt
Snuggly Duckling
Monsters University shirt
Monsters University
Finding Dory shirt
Marine Life Institute
Finding Nemo shirt
Finding Nemo
Wilderness Explorer shirt
Wilderness Explorer
Lion King shirt
Pride Rock

Does your man enjoy wearing Disney shirts?

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