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How many miles do you walk each day at Disney World? Three, maybe four miles? What’s you guess?

How many steps do you take at Disney World? Surely you reach your 10,000 step goal, right?

You might be surprised to find out exactly how far you walk at Disney World and how many steps you take at Disney parks. Spoiler alert: It’s probably WAY more than just four miles and 10,000 steps!

My family has tracked steps and distance every day of our five Disney World vacations in the past two years. Those Disney vacation days can look very different. Some days are as simple as spending the entire day from rope drop to nearly closing time at Magic Kingdom. On other days, we’ll park hop and spend time at the resort.

Daily Disney Step and Mile Averages

The daily numbers are at the end of this post, but here are the average daily miles we walked and steps we took on each of the past five Disney trips. These averages exclude arrival and departure days where we spend part of the day sitting in a car. They represent 30 total Disney vacation days.

Disney Trip daily average distance daily average steps
2017 Trip 8.3 miles 18,167
February 2018 Trip 8 miles 18,137
Spring 2018 Trip 8.9 miles 20,022
Fall 2018 Trip 8.2 miles 18,466
2019 Trip 7.7 miles 17,488
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TOTAL average – 8.2 miles walked / 18,456 steps per day at Disney World!

Despite days with drastically different plans, the daily numbers are remarkably similar. Steps consistently average in the 17,000-19,000 range.

Some days with a shorter itinerary are as brief as 6 miles and 15,000 steps while our longest day is nearly 11 miles and over 25,000 steps!

Single park days with an afternoon swim break tend to be closer to 7 miles while full park hopping days can be over 10.

How many miles do you walk at Disney World?

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Disney World Touring Strategy to Reduce Walking

With two kids in tow, we make every effort to avoid backtracking and to tour the parks as efficiently as possible. These numbers are quite representative of full day, efficient park touring plans. Of course, your miles will be less if you take a long afternoon break, or if your days are simply more leisurely with later beginnings and earlier ends. A full Disney day for us is around 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM with plenty of breaks to rest throughout so that’s what these numbers reflect.

I tackled the walking efficiency issue after early Disney trips with the kids. Back then, we would circle each park once, hitting all of our favorite attractions, and then would make an entire second loop to catch the rest of the rides that we missed the first time. Now, my goal is only one loop at each park to cut down on walking time. Even so, a day in a Disney park requires a lot of walking!

If you haven’t taken the kiddos to Disney World yet and these numbers make you stressed, not to worry! Our youngest typically has a three-mile daily hiking limit, but we seldom hear complaints about walking too much. Despite the long distances, the walking is constantly broken up by rest at attractions and meals. Of course, even if they mentally don’t realize they’re walking 8 miles in one day, their feet might tell them the truth so be sure the kids have proper footwear!

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Miles and Steps by Disney Park

So, which Disney World park requires the most walking? Let’s break down the numbers by park to see how many steps and miles we averaged at each. Park hopping days are not figured into these averages. These are calculated from the steps and miles we walked on days where we only visited that park.

Animal Kingdom – 7.68 miles / 17,152 steps per day

Animal Kingdom is technically the largest of the four Walt Disney World theme parks, but a huge chunk of that acreage is consumed by safari land which is viewed while seated from a tour bus rather than walking. The walkable guest areas of Animal Kingdom aren’t any larger than most of the other parks.

The shorter mileage here is probably also a reflection of time spent in the park. There simply are not as many attractions at Animal Kingdom as, say, Epcot and Magic Kingdom, so even a full day isn’t as long. We can easily stay busy at those other two parks from rope drop to fireworks, but are done with Animal Kingdom by dinnertime if we arrived at park opening.

I’m sure my boys rack up more steps than me at Animal Kingdom since they run all over the Boneyard for nearly an hour every time!

Hollywood Studios – 7.7 miles / 17,462 steps per day

Hollywood Studios is often called a “half day park” and, indeed, we are usually done here by late afternoon. With its close proximity to Epcot, we typically visit hop over to festival booths on most Hollywood Studios days. Still, we average only one mile less at Hollywood Studios than at Magic Kingdom, which is our most walked park.

Even though Hollywood Studios currently seems small, it still requires a lot of walking! We also tend to criss-cross more at Hollywood Studios for that very reason. Its small size means I don’t pay as much attention to attraction location when creating our park touring plans because it’s never a big deal to walk a little further between attractions – none of them are that far apart!

Epcot – 8.1 miles / 18,382 steps per day

Despite having such a large guest area with the long loop around World Showcase in addition to Future World, Epcot is surprisingly not the park with that requires the most walking time. This is likely due to the layout of the park and the World Showcase loop around the lake which encourages a single, straight path around this portion of the park. Walking time can be wasted in Future World, hopping from the east to west sides without a clear plan, but the single loop that World Showcase provides is naturally efficient route.

Overall, Epcot requires a bare minimum of 1.7 miles – the distance to loop the entire park from the entrance, around World Showcase, and back. All the additional steps outside of that loop to meander around Future World and browse all the irresistible shops in World Showcase mean mileage adds up quickly at Epcot!

Magic Kingdom – 8.9 miles / 19,658 steps per day

Being the busiest park with a hectic central hub that we try to avoid during the day, our touring plans for Magic Kingdom strive to be efficient, starting in Adventureland and continuing to enjoy attractions in a clockwise direction or by starting in Tomorrowland and proceeding counter-clockwise. Obviously, with the longest average mileage of any park, we don’t always succeed in walking efficiency!

With so many attractions, we’re simply at Magic Kingdom the longest of any Disney park so the steps and miles continue to increase on long park days.

How many daily steps do you take at Disney World?

How Many Miles We Walked Each Day at Disney World

Here’s the raw data for all the averages mentioned in this blog. Again, these are only full Disney days, excluding arrival and departure days. These include some park hopping days that exempt from the park averages.

(phone users – swipe left to view all data)

daily itinerary distance steps

2017 Trip

Fort Wilderness/Disney Springs 6.9 miles 15,566
EPCOT 8.5 miles 19,299
Animal Kingdom 9.2 miles 19,952
Magic Kingdom 1 8.5 miles 18,849
Hollywood Studios 7.5 miles 16,042
Magic Kingdom 2 9 miles 19,295

Winter 2018 Trip

Magic Kingdom, Wilderness Lodge boating, Disney Springs dinner 7.3 miles 16,077
Epcot 9.2 miles 20,008
Magic Kingdom, Polynesian Resort dinner 7.3 miles 16,223
Animal Kingdom, late afternoon swim, dinner across lake at Art of Animation 8.1 miles 18,310
Epcot morning, afternoon Contemporary Resort break, Magic Kingdom After Hours event 9.4 miles 22,082
Hollywood Studios late start, back to resort by dinnertime 7.8 miles 18,881
Epcot 6.8 miles 15,377

Spring 2018 Trip

Kennedy Space Center, Animal Kingdom Evening 8.3 miles 18,791
Late start at Magic Kingdom, stayed until after park closing until Kiss Goodnight 10.3 miles 23,041
Late start at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Animal Kingdom, back to resort by dinnertime 7.8 miles 17,662
Epcot, afternoon swim break, back to Epcot beyond park closing time 9.7 miles 21,489
Walk to Hollywood Studios for morning, Epcot for afternoon, swim break, back to Epcot for dinner 8.6 miles 19,126

Fall 2018 Trip

Magic Kingdom morning, afternoon swim, Halloween party (includes 2 round trip walks from Contemporary to Magic Kingdom – 1 mile each) 9.4 miles 20,882
Late start to biking Fort Wilderness, afternoon swim, evening at Animal Kingdom 6.9 miles 15,357
Magic Kingdom, afternoon swim, evening at Fort Wilderness 7.4 miles 16,768
Hollywood Studios, Epcot for lunch, Halloween celebration at resort 8.3 miles 18,473
Epcot early morning including Extra Magic Hour, afternoon swim, Magic Kingdom evening 10.9 miles 24,651
Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs for early dinner 6.5 miles 14,646

2019 Trip

Epcot, back to resort for dinner 6.9 miles 16,058
Magic Kingdom, Backstage Magic tour 4.9 miles 11,350
Late start to Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs dinner 6.8 miles 15,190
Early start in Magic Kingdom, Grand Floridian lunch, Epcot afternoon, back to Magic Kingdom evening 10.5 miles 23,423
Epcot 8 miles 18,058
Walk Beach Club to Hollywood Studios, walk back to Boardwalk, evening swim 9.2 miles 20,847

So, next time you see a Disney packing list that includes “broken in shoes.” Take that advice seriously and be prepared to do a LOT of walking during your Walt Disney World vacation!

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Daily steps at Disney World

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