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Are you ready to enjoy all of the delicious food at the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival?

Are your kids not quite as eager about all those new foods and flavors?

If you answered “yes!” and “oh, yeah … the kids” then never fear, because enjoying Epcot food festivals with picky eaters can be completely enjoyablefor everyone! I will be sharing how my family handles adults who want ALL THE FOOD and kids who don’t want to be adventurous foodies!

Now, I totally understand that Epcot food festivals are actually a great way for kids to try new flavors with so many small portions available. Years ago, I hoped my boys would see these festivals as a fun way to try something new. However, they’ve made it clear time and time again that it’s just not something that interests them.

While we encourage new foods at home, vacation isn’t a time we want to be dealing with that drama! We prepare the kids in advance and stop at many food booth menus when we’re at Epcot, asking them if anything sounds tempting. However, they usually aren’t interested and we’re are perfectly fine with letting them eat their chicken and pasta comfort foods all week. For us, vacation at Disney World simply isn’t the time or place that we care to push the kids beyond their limits.

So, if Mom and Dad want to sample as much festival food as possible, how do you manage the trip around the World Showcase Lagoon with picky eater kids in tow? Keep reading for tips on tackling the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival with kids!

These tips will apply to all Epcot festivals so use this advice for Festival of the Holidays, Festival of the Arts, and Flower and Garden Festival, too!

Epcot quick service food

Keep Their Bellies Full

Epcot’s World Showcase opens at 11:00 AM daily and, depending on the festival, the food booths will open at the same time or a little later at noon. Check the Times Guide when you enter the park for an accurate schedule on the day you visit.

If the adults plan on making a meal by sampling several food booths, load up the kids’ bellies FIRST.

There are several quick service restaurants around World Showcase with great food options for kids:

La Cantina de San Angel in Mexico is an ideal place to begin with its convenient location right at the beginning of World Showcase. Here, you can get the kids chicken nuggets, nachos, empanadas, and other Mexican food. All seating is outdoors, but mostly covered with a lovely view of the lagoon.

Tangierine Cafe in Morocco is nearly the halfway point around World Showcase and is one of our favorite quick service restaurants in all of Disney World. Kids can get chicken and burgers here. There isn’t an overabundance of seating, but it’s also rarely crowded so finding a table has never been an issue for us. Like all of the Morocco pavilion, the decor and tilework in this restaurant is STUNNING.

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Les Halles Boulangerie

Those are our favorites. You can also find quick service restaurants in China and Japan if your kiddos enjoy those cuisines. Norway and France both have amazing bakeries that offer sandwiches to make a meal. And the United Kingdom has a fish and chips window which is my older son’s personal favorite!

Once you get the kids’ tummies full, it will be MUCH easier for the adults to take some time to stop at the first few booths of the day to fill up on “lunch!”

Epcot Food and Wine Festival

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Keep Them Busy!

While it’s fun for the adults to simply walk around World Showcase, eating lots of food, and enjoying the scenery, the kids will get bored rather quickly! Plan on breaking up the noshing with a variety of entertainment.

Most countries have either an attraction, street performers, or fun shop to keep the kids entertained. All countries have many stores, but not all are created equal for kid-friendliness. I’ll share the ones kids will enjoy here, too.

Gran Fiesta tour Epcot

Here’s a sampling of the kid-friendly activities in each country to split up your food tour around World Showcase:

Mexico // Inside the pyramid, the Gran Fiesta Tour boat ride is almost always a walk-on. The marketplace shops inside are also fun to browse. Donald Duck also meets outside.

Norway // The Frozen Ever After ride is a headliner here, but count on getting a FastPass to avoid the long line. There’s also an Anna and Elsa meet and greet. And did you know the stave church right out front in this pavilion is actually a small museum? Open the doors and take a peek inside. Few people walking by know there’s anything inside so it’s a great way to escape the heat and crowds for a few minutes!

China // There’s a movie here, but it’s a 360-degree standing film so be prepared if your kids don’t want to stay on their feet. China is one of the better shopping pavilions and there are amazing street performances here. Check the Times Guide for performances by the acrobats.

Germany // With only food and shopping, there aren’t many activities to interest kids in Germany. The highlight for my boys is always the toy store. We steer clear of the glass shop! Snow White also meets in Germany.

Epcot Germany shopping

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Germany // With only food and shopping, there aren’t many activities to interest kids in Germany. The highlight for my boys is always the toy store. We steer clear of the glass shop! Snow White also meets in Germany.

Italy // Like its German neighbor, Italy doesn’t offer much for kids. Sergio the juggler is usually out entertaining and there’s also a delicious gelato stand if the kiddos could use a cool treat at this point in your circle around the world.

American Adventure // Midway through World Showcase, the USA pavilion offers a large indoor space and theater to cool off in air conditioning and rest your feet. The Voices of Liberty perform in the indoor rotunda before most showings of the American Adventure animatronic show.

Japan // After watching the Taiko drummers outside, venture into the Mitsukoshi department store. This is hands down my family’s favorite shopping experience at Epcot! Mitsukoshi is full of gorgeous traditional Japanese items as well as pop culture souvenirs including Pokemon and Nintendo gaming characters.

Morocco // Like Norway, there’s also a “secret” museum in Morocco that few know about. Just find the closed, heavy wood doors beneath the “Moroccan Style” sign at the front of the pavilion to enjoy a beautiful, quiet, air conditioned space right in the middle of World Showcase. Afterward, just meander around this gorgeous pavilion. It’s a fact that Morocco is the most beautiful and detailed World Showcase pavilion, right?

France // Kid-friendly shops in France are lacking (think wine and perfume!), but the only seated movie in World Showcase is here – Impressions de France. Serveur Amusant performs right out front several times a day. This chair-stacking acrobat is always impressive! Belle and Aurora also had separate meet and greets in France.

United Kingdom // The UK offers some decent shopping and there’s a lovely park in the back for resting. My boys love to run through the small hedge maze!

Canada // World Showcase’s other standing movie is here – O Canada. This is another country with great gardens and even a rock waterfall to admire.

Epcot France entertainment

Several countries also offer the Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. This Phineas and Ferb-themed game is ideal for kids and a great way to explore the countries of World Showcase. The game reveals secret effects that are always fun (Japan is our favorite!). Just use your phone to access and start an adventure in any of the available countries!

For smaller kids, each country has a KidCot station where kids can complete a craft with a cast member. This is a great way to personalize your kids’ visit to Epcot and meet cast members from around the world.

Additionally, each festival has a different paid scavenger hunt. These usually cost under $10 and require looking for a specific item in each country to earn a prize. In past years, prizes at the festivals have included magnets, cups, and patches. During the Food and Wine Festival, the scavenger hunt is Remy’s Hide and Squeak and requires finding Remy the mouse from Ratatouille hiding somewhere in each country.

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Epcot Morocco

See, Epcot *IS* for Kids!

Of course, all Epcot festivals offer so many more activities, concerts, and classes that can be appealing to kids. The ones mentioned here are only the things to do within World Showcase as you eat your way around the world.

Be prepared by knowing where to get food your kids enjoy and where to find kid-friendly entertainment in each country and the entire family will have a great time enjoying the food and drink booth offerings at the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival and all Epcot food festivals!

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Epcot Food and Wine Festival Food Crawl with Kids
Epcot Food and Wine Festival with Kids
Epcot Food and Wine Festival with Kids
How to enjoy Epcot food festivals with picky eaters