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Disney World is less than a day’s drive from our home in North Carolina so we always drive to the Most Magical Place on Earth. With just a day each way, it’s easy to find screen free Disney road trip games and activities for the kids. We load up on Disney and Star Wars books, Lego kits, and other activities.

Here are a few of our favorite Disney-inspired screen free activities to keep the kids occupied in the car on a road trip to Disney World.

Screen-Free Road Trip Activities for Kids

On every Disney road trip, each kid has a hard plastic case to fill with Lego bricks and minifigs from their collection. I also like to surprise them with Lego Creator 3 in 1 sets. These sets include instructions for three different builds with the same set of bricks which is great for a road trip because the boys are busy three times as long as they would be building a traditional Lego set! Lego doesn’t make Disney themed 3in1 sets, but small Disney and Pixar Lego sets are also a great idea for the car.

The boys love to write and draw. We always bring an ample supply of spiral notebooks and plain copy paper with clipboard storage cases so they can store their completed works.

Mad Libs, coloring and activity books, and small games that don’t require table space are also great options for the car.

Disney Books for Early Readers

We always travel with as many books as possible! My boys are growing out of these early reader books now, but they LOVED DK Essential Guides when they were younger. DK publishes an Essential Guide for every new Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars movie in addition to other series. We are a DK book-loving family for sure!

Disney character encyclopedias are also great for studying up on Disney characters on the drive to Florida!

Disney Books for Advanced Readers

These books all come highly recommended by my pre-teen boy.

The Kingdom Keepers series is set in Disney World and features a group of kids who battle Disney villains in the parks every night.

The Tales of the Haunted Mansion series is great since it’s our favorite family ride at Magic Kingdom.

The Origami Yoda series is my son’s favorite. The main character in this series is a middle school boy who makes origami Yoda and eventually more Star Wars characters. Add some origami paper to the car trip box for another screen free activity! My boys are always folding origami Star Wars characters these days!

For the Trunk

Of course, these aren’t activities, but no Disney road trip is complete without food (stored in a Disney-themed cooler, of course) and luggage in the trunk. There is so much cute Disney-themed luggage out there and these are some of my favorites.

Disney Road Trip Activities
Disney Road Trip Activities

What are some of your family’s screen free Disney road trip essentials?