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The All-Star Movies and Pop Century value resorts at Walt Disney World have both received impressive and very similar room refurbishments in the past year. My recent All-Star Movies Resort review raved over the new rooms and overall service at the resort, unseating Pop Century from its top spot on the family’s list of favorite Disney value resorts. However, both resorts are wonderful and we would never hesitate to stay at either again.

The rooms themselves are so similar but there are minor differences that would be fun to compare side by side (or, top to bottom!).

In the views below (All-Star Movies is first in every pair), the most noticeable difference is the wood tone. The wood accents in the All-Star Movies rooms are darker than Pop Century. The fabric used on the curtains and seat cushions also differs with the All-Star Movies chair cushions oddly showing a sports ball design (which I guess will eventually work when this refurbishment makes its way to All-Star Sports?). With padded seat backs compared to Pop’s wood, we found the Movies chairs to be more comfortable.

Another noteworthy difference in the main room is the counter surfaces throughout. The Pop surfaces are smooth and glossy while they are matte and more natural at Movies.

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Both rooms have a set of five hooks, large TV on the wall, and dresser unit with identical functionality and differing aesthetic. The sliding door separating the bathroom is white at Pop Century, but the same dark walnut at All-Star Movies.

Disney's All-Star Movies Resort refurbished roomDisney's Pop Century Resort refurbished room

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Both rooms feature the same beds, one being a fold down queen murphy bed. Bedside tables flank all sides of the beds (can I get another “hooray” for all the bedside tables?).

The artwork above both beds differs as well as the lighting fixtures. Pop Century offers pop art renderings of Mickey Mouse over the main bed and a dozing Pluto above the murphy bed. Adorable drawings of Mickey, Minnie, and Donald hang above the All-Star Movies beds while Huey, Dewey, and Louie dream about adventures in the murphy bed alcove.

Disney's All-Star Movies Resort refurbished roomDisney's Pop Century Resort refurbished room

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We absolutely love the murphy bed addition to both rooms. The beds are super easy to fold down and easily stow away to open up the room with so much floor space! The platform beds offer great storage space for suitcases and the rooms are both practically covered in USB ports. These rooms are so functional while both look clean and tidy with their minor differences.

Disney's All-Star Movies Resort refurbished roomDisney's Pop Century Resort refurbished room

The similarities continue in the bathroom where Pop Century’s walls are pale blue and All-Star Movies remain white. The most visible difference here is that the shelving unit in the Pop Century bathrooms includes doors to hide the iron and hair dryer. The amount of storage available in both rooms is incredible!

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Disney's All-Star Movies and Pop Century Resorts bathrooms

The toilet and shower are separated from the sink area by a sliding door in both rooms and, again, are nearly identical. The pale blue walls continue into this room at Pop while All-Star Movies switches to a light green paint color.

Both resorts have rooms with tub/shower combos or only showers. We just happened to get a tub room at All-Star Movies and a shower at Pop. The Pop Century shower includes a rain shower head in addition to a hand-held sprayer while the All-Star Movies shower does not have the rain shower head.

Disney's All-Star Movies and Pop Century Resorts bathrooms

Overall, we slightly prefer the aesthetic of the darker wood and adorable artwork at All-Star Movies over Pop Century, but choosing one room over the other based purely on design is splitting hairs. Both similar rooms are incredibly functional, modern, and a great home base for a Walt Disney World vacation.

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Disney's All-Star Movies and Pop Century Refurbished Rooms side by side

Have you stayed at these refurbished rooms? Do you prefer All-Star Movies or Pop Century?