Hey, I’m Traci!

I want to save you time and frustration while planning your Disney World trip by providing you with essential, concise guides and resources that won’t overwhelm you.

Hi, I'm Traci!

I’m a North Carolina mom who grew up going to Disney World and now takes her own family to Orlando every year.

My family’s first trip was in 1984 during a Spring Break visit to my grandparents’ house in Florida from our home in New Jersey. Haunted Mansion terrified me and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was my favorite!

For 20 years, I lived in southwest Florida, a three-hour drive away from the parks. Some years, we’d have annual passes. Other years, we’d just go once or twice. But the 90’s were the prime source of all my classic Disney World memories. Those were the days when you made your dining reservations the morning you arrived in the park – none of this 6-month Advanced Dining Reservation nonsense. And there was just one line each ride. No FastPasses!

Thirty years ago, you could just show up at Disney World with little to no planning and see it all.

That’s no longer true, but it doesn’t mean that planning has to be exhausting or all-consuming.

Then, Disney introduced paper FastPasses … and transitioned to the current digital FastPass+ system … and making dining reservations 6 months in advance … and growth to 4 parks and over 20 hotels …


That got overwhelming really fast!

If you haven’t been to Disney World in 20 years, be warned that it’s not the same anymore.

While you can dig in deep, learn ALL THE THINGS about Disney World, and plan your heart out, you don’t need to.

Simply enjoying a vacation with your family shouldn’t require months of planning in the late night hours after the kids go to sleep. Yes, some of us enjoy that, but certainly not everyone!

You want to know the good news?

You don’t need to spend that much time planning your trip. You don’t have to spend every evening watching YouTube videos and getting lost in Pinterest.

In many ways, it’s better to visit Disney World without every hour of every day planned out. That way, you leave room for spontaneity and unexpected … magic!

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While you don’t need to plan every detail of your trip, you absolutely need to do some planning. That’s where WDW Basics comes in!

I want to show you the basics, the least you need to know to have a great Disney World trip!

You need to know a little about the attractions so that you’ll know which ones you want to enjoy and which ones you might be able to skip.

You need to learn about FastPass+ and how it can save you hours of standing in line for rides.

You need to know where to stay and which Disney World hotels are best for your family. Don’t pick a hotel just because Karen said it’s “the best.” There are over 20 hotels on Disney World property for a reason – everyone has different preferences and requirements.

And you need to know about food. And restaurants. And that, yes, there are some restaurants that fill up 6 months in advance so you need to be prepared if those restaurants are must-do’s for you.

Here’s a great place to start…

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