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Are the All-Stars any good? We think All-Star Movies is!

My family has enjoyed staying at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort three times over a brief three month covering fall 2018 through winter 2019. After those stays, we have decided that All-Star Movies is our favorite value resort at Walt Disney World over our previous top pick, Disney’s Pop Century Resort.

All-Star Movies room renovations are now complete with all rooms renovated so you’re guaranteed to be placed in one of the sleek new rooms with your reservation!

Disney's All-Star Movies Resort Renovated RoomDisney's All-Star Movies Resort room

1. Outstanding Customer Service

During all three stays, cast members and customer service has been top notch, attentive, and friendly. Anyone expecting a lower level of customer service at one of the least expensive hotels on property will be surprisingly impressed.

Despite requesting refurbished rooms every time, room assigners correctly assumed I would not want to stay in the Herbie section last December when I was traveling solo since all the Pop Warner groups were assigned out there. Yes, the peace and quiet of Mighty Ducks was just fine!

And we were assigned to an old room for the third straight time most recently, but when I inquired at the front desk, the cast member found a refurbished room that had been vacated unexpectedly that day and we finally got to stay in a “new” room.

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Disney's All-Star Movies Resort Mighty Ducks

(above) An “old” un-refurbished king bed room in the Mighty Ducks section

Disney's All-Star Movies Resort Renovated Room

2. SO Clean!

While the un-refurbished rooms are understandably worn (they ARE on the verge of being refurbished, after all), they are impeccably clean.

Picture frames? Not a speck of dust.

All those little nooks and crannies in the back of the television set? Dust-free.

That hard, laminate floor in refurbished rooms? No dirt there.

Our recent Disney vacation also included nights at Pop Century and the Fort Wilderness cabins, both of which have similar hard flooring. Both left our socks quite dirty. We had no such issues with the floors at All-Star Movies.

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Disney's All-Star Movies Resort Refurbished RoomDisney's All-Star Movies Resort Refurbished RoomDisney's All-Star Movies Resort bed

3. Beautiful and Functional Refurbished Rooms

We love the new room layout at Pop Century and the All-Star Movies refurbished rooms are very similar. The artwork is different, paint colors different, and wood accents are darker, but the rooms are incredibly similar. The Mickey, Minnie, and Donald artwork above the standard queen bed is adorable and the artwork of Huey, Dewey, and Louie dreaming in the murphy bed is entirely too precious!

The murphy bed is fantastic and makes the room so much larger when folded up into the wall. There is ample drawer storage, hooks, counter space for days, and bedside tables (THANK YOU, DISNEY!). The bathroom … oh, the bathroom. There is so much storage space and it’s a significant improvement over the old single vanity top.

And Mousekeeping leaves SO many towels … even without asking for more. Bath towels, hand towels, washcloths … the room was stocked with so many!

Disney's All-Star Movies Resort bedDisney's All-Star Movies Resort coffeeDisney's All-Star Movies Resort Renovated RoomDisney's All-Star Movies Resort bathroom

Disney Face Masks

Alien mouth face mask
Alien Mouth
Epcot face mask
Spaceship Earth
Mouse Flowers face mask
Mouse Flowers
The Child face mask
The Child

4. Cozy Feeling

With only three floors compared to Pop Century’s four, it resort grounds feel smaller and cozier. The buildings aren’t as spread out and even the farthest buildings are closer to the main hall. Requesting a closer preferred room never seems necessary because the standard Herbie and Mighty Ducks sections aren’t much farther out.

Disney's All-Star Movies ResortDisney's All-Star Movies Resort

5. Fun Disney-Themed Grounds

Outside, there is a photo op around every corner at All-Star Movies. Our favorite section is 101 Dalmations where Pongo and Purdy keep watch over all the puppies, but the Toy Story section is also wonderful and Herbie always brings me back to my days as a 80’s kid watching Herbie movies on VHS rented from the town video rental shop! You really can’t get more “Disney” than the grounds at All-Star Movies.

Disney's All-Star Movies Resort Toy Story

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5 Reasons to Love Disney's All-Star Movies Resort

Have you stayed in a refurbished room at Disney’s All-Star Movies resort? What do you think of it?