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We are so excited to be attending Epcot’s Festival of the Arts again this year! One of the highlights of this festival for us is the food. But, seriously, when is food not the highlight of an Epcot festival?! Our kids are super picky eaters, but we’ve found this festival to have the most kid-friendly items and Mommy definitely has savory favorites as well.

In no particular order, these are our top 5 food picks at the Epcot Festival of the Arts:

Epcot Festival of the Arts

Pop’t Art

from Pop Eats! (Showcase Plaza) and The Painter’s Palette (Odyssey Festival Showplace)

Let’s start with the biggest surprise of last year’s festival. Being picky eaters who typically eat, well, nothing at Epcot festivals, I quickly noted the Pop’t Art as an item they might actually enjoy at last year’s Festival of the Arts. Not only was I right, but I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this little fruit pastry so much myself!

This is basically a house-made pop tart, described by Disney as a “sugar cookie with strawberry filling.” It tastes so fresh and delicious. Since last year’s festival, these “lunch box tarts” have also showed up at the new Woody’s Lunchbox in Hollywood Studios so it’s obvious Disney knows they have a hit on their hands.

Skip the more Instagrammable stained glass Almond Frangipane Cake at Pop Eats and get the Pop’t Art instead!

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Epcot Festival of the ArtsEpcot Festival of the Arts

Sous-Vide Poulet Rouge Chicken Roulade

from Pop Eats! (Showcase Plaza)

Mom’s favorite dish in the entire Festival of the Arts is “the chicken dish” from Pop Eats. There’s so much going on with this dish and Disney’s description seems to never end: chicken “with apples and sage served with warm brie fondue, blueberry, and beet gel and garnished with apple and beet chips.” Phew! That’s a lot for a small plate!

While the chicken in the creamy brie and fresh, fruity hints of blueberry and apple are divine, this dish is also presented so beautifully. It’s made-to-order as the chef describes each item and step in the assembly process. Remember, this is an arts festival so some dishes take time!

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Epcot Festival of the ArtsEpcot Festival of the Arts

Wild Mushroom Risotto

from The Masterpiece Kitchen (Canada)

Mom isn’t even a mushroom fan, but it works in this dish! Easily the best side dish of the festival, Disney describes this decadent bowl as, “aged parmesan, truffle shavings, and Zinfandel reduction.” It’s rich and oh-so-flavorful. It’s on the pricier side but definitely worth it once during a visit!

Epcot Festival of the ArtsEpcot Festival of the Arts

Artist Palette Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie

from Decadent Delights, Cuisine Classique, The Artist’s Table

Let’s get back to a kid pick here. Yes, there are actually two food items my boys enjoy at the Festival of the Arts! Shocking! You can’t go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie and it’s what my boys remember most about this festival. It’s the only food item we’ve enjoyed every year beginning in 2017 during an afternoon Eating Around the World in Epcot’s World Showcase where it served as our American contribution. The painter’s palette presentation is just too cute!

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Epcot Festival of the ArtsEpcot Festival of the Arts

Sipping Chocolate Flight

from The Artist’s Table (The American Adventure)

This set of three melted sipping chocolates is so much richer and decadent than you would even expect! The dark chocolate is by far my favorite of the three while I don’t even finish the white chocolate. The milk chocolate is wonderful, but the dark chocolate is the real winner here.

Best food at Epcot's Festival of the Arts

What is your favorite food offering at the Festival of the Arts?