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These are attractions we can’t leave Disney’s Magic Kingdom without enjoying. They are ones that everyone in our family rides (the boys don’t do roller coasters – even the Barnstormer!) and everyone loves! We all agreed together that these are our top 5 favorite family attractions at Magic Kingdom.

1. Haunted Mansion

This is just an absolute classic and the favorite attraction for 3 out of the 4 of us. It’s an easy FastPass and has a great pre-show in the stretching room which makes the wait seem even shorter. I love that the boys even know the inside tips now and always lead us to the girl with the umbrella when we enter because the exit door is underneath her portrait. We love the doombuggy ride system and the ride itself is just so entertaining and themed so well. Every time we ride, we see something new that we never noticed before. I always hope that the ride will get stuck in the attic scene!

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2. TTA PeopleMover

When in Tomorrowland, always ride the PeopleMover! I love that we have a ride vehicle all to ourselves as a family since we’re either in one long row or split between two rows on all other rides. We can face each other and really enjoy the journey all together. There are always hijinx when we enter the complete darkness of Space Mountain! We ride the PeopleMover intentionally and also use it as child swap when Mommy and Daddy want to ride Space Mountain. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for the boys to ride it 3-4 times in one day and they certainly never complain!

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3. Tom Sawyer Island

The boys could spend all afternoon here! They love meandering through the caves and tunnels, escaping from the fort using the secret exit, and exploring the entire island. It’s a great place for the kids to escape the crowds while Mom and Dad rest. We once spent an hour on the dock overlooking Thunder Mountain rocking in the rocking chairs and playing Checkers. Such a great place for an afternoon break without leaving the park!

4. Pirates of the Caribbean

Daddy’s favorite family ride has to appear on this list! Like Haunted Mansion, this one is timeless and still very similar to its original incarnation. The boat ride is relaxing (when not dodging cannonballs!) and the old animatronics are classic.

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5. Dumbo

Yes, it’s just a spinner, but it’s the OG Disney spinner and we love it! It’s best at night when Storybook Circus lights up, especially during the fireworks, but anytime of day will do. We love the views, the cool breeze, and simply the feeling of flight. The little one asks to ride this every time we’re in the Magic Kingdom!

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