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When we’re talking about Disney World food, my family has favorite restaurants and meals, of course. But when I think of “Disney World food” I more often think of the best Disney snacks rather than meals.

We don’t eat big meals while in the Disney parks. We’re enjoying lots of rides, so filling our stomachs too much in one sitting isn’t the best idea!

Our Disney World food strategy is to eat smaller meals and munch on our favorite Disney snacks in between.

You could search 100 lists of the best snacks at Disney World and find 100 different answers. Admittedly, this is an extremely biased list. But they’re my family’s favorites and few trips end without having all ten of these delicious treats. I’ll easily recommend these Disney snacks to friends and family so I want to share them with you.

In no particular order, I give you my best Disney snacks…

Best Disney Snacks - School Bread


Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe
Epcot – Norway

Over 20 years ago, my mom, sister, and I stopped at the Kringla Bakeri in Epcot’s Norway pavilion for the first time and were overwhelmed by the number of delicious pastries and treats in the display case. This was clearly going to be a difficult and potentially long decision! Not wanting to hold up the growing line while also wanting to avoid a quick, rash decision (this is a serious sweets decision, after all!), we did what I recommend you do at any Disney World food location with a large number of choices like this – ask the cast member their favorite!

Immediately, this sweet Norwegian cast member pointed to the school bread.

And we were so grateful that we asked!

School bread isn’t particularly striking compared to the other goodies and can easily be overlooked during a quick scan of the display case.

This unique sweet treat has been, however, one of our favorite foods at Disney World now for over two decades!

School bread is a sweet bread spiced with cardamom which gives it a unique flavor. Inside is a creamy custard and the bread is doused with a generous topping of icing and coconut flakes, topped with a dollop of cream.

The combinations of sweetness and spice, bread and cream make this a delicious and deceptively complex treat.

School bread is one of the more economically priced treats around World Showcase. It’s large and easily shareable between two or three … if you can bare to share any of it!

Best Disney Snacks - Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie


Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie
Epcot – France

Staying in Epcot’s World Showcase, our favorite place to eat is hands down Les Halles in France.

In addition to sandwiches, quiches, and savory meal options, there is also a large display case of breads and sweets. My family always makes a beeline for this case!

Creme brulee, chocolate eclairs, mousse, macarons, Napoleon, tarts, croissants – everything is delicious.

My go-to is the beignet. The dough isn’t as light and airy as you might expect from a beignet, but the chocolate hazelnut filling and powdered sugar dusting make this treat perfect.

My boys usually get a warmed chocolate croissant while my husband tries something new each time – which is every single visit to Epcot. Once you go to Les Halles, you’ll keep going back!

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Best Disney Snacks - Warm Cinnamon Roll


Gaston’s Tavern
Magic Kingdom – Fantasyland

The snack menu at Gaston’s may be brief, but the cinnamon roll is really all you need!

These are my older son’s favorite Disney World treats. He would gladly skip any ride at the Magic Kingdom to go to Gaston’s for a cinnamon roll.

These cinnamon rolls are huge so expect to share. We always get two to split between the four of us.

As the name implies, they are served perfectly warmed. Always ask for extra icing for an extra sweet treat.

And, not does Gaston make a great cinnamon roll snack, the theming at his Tavern can’t be beat. This is truly a location that is straight out of a movie and a must-visit for every Beauty and the Beast fan.

We always enjoy cinnamon rolls at Gaston’s Tavern as a mid-morning snack on days we start in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland or Fantasyland. After rope dropping the park, we enjoy a few rides and then make our way back to Gaston’s as ride lines grow, but before lunch lines begin forming. These cinnamon rolls make a great late morning snack.

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Best Disney Snacks - Num Num Cookie


Neighborhood Bakery
Hollywood Studios – Pixar Place

From one kid’s favorite to the other’s … the deep dish Num Num Cookies inspired by Jack-Jack from The Incredibles are my younger son’s favorite Disney treat.

And, as a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur myself, I certainly agree.

This is no ordinary chocolate chip cookie. They are warm, gooey in the center, crunchy at the edges, and full of chocolatey perfection.

Despite their size, I could easily finish a Num Num Cookie in one sitting, though I usually end up splitting with one of my boys.

With few food choices in Hollywood Studios’ Toy Story Land, this is a great snack option just outside the main entrance to the land at Pixar Place. While they are usually served at the Neighborhood Bakery stand, they can currently be found at the adjacent Market kiosk right next door.

Best Disney World Snacks - No Way Jose


Beaches & Cream Soda Shop
Disney’s Beach Club Resort

I tried to keep this list exclusively parks-only snacks so that they’re all easily accessible to anyone visiting Disney World, but avoiding my favorite ice cream sundae simply wasn’t an option!

You’ll need a reservation for this one, but it’s so worth it!

Beaches & Cream Soda Shop at Disney’s Beach Club Resort is best known for it’s 8-scoop Kitchen Sink Sundae (with a whole can of whipped cream, of course), but the individual sundaes on the menu taste better. I wrote a blog post all about the Kitchen Sink and how I 100% recommend ordering it once for the unique experience … but then make your way through the better sundaes on the menu after that.

The No Way Jose is a chocolate and peanut butter sundae. I could end the description right there because, honestly, what’s better than chocolate paired with peanut butter?

Here’s the official description from the menu: “A Peanut Butter and Hot Fudge delight featuring Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Morsels, Whipped Cream, and a Cherry.”

Good gracious, this sundae is divine!

Beaches & Cream is easily accessible from Epcot where it’s just a 5-minute walk out the park’s International Gateway “side entrance.” Your second-best option would be to make a Beaches & Cream reservation on a Hollywood Studios day when it’s either a longer walk or Skyliner ride away.

And while Beaches & Cream also serves delicious food, using your reservation only for an ice cream dessert is perfectly acceptable. However, if you do choose to enjoy your meal here, too, I highly recommend the grilled cheese with creamy tomato soup. It’s delicious, but also not so filling that you won’t have room left for your No Way Jose – the real star of the meal!

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Best Disney World Snacks - Peter Pan Float


Aloha Isle
Magic Kingdom – Adventureland
& other locations

Simply put, Dole Whip is dairy-free pineapple soft serve.

So basic. But so good!

On a hot Florida day, it’s one of the best refreshing treats available. A Pineapple Dole Whip is pure refreshment in a cup.

While it started out at Magic Kingdom’s Aloha Isle, where you can still find it today, Dole Whip has expanded to other locations throughout the Disney World Resort as well including Animal Kingdom’s Tamu Tamu Refreshments and my personal favorite location for enjoying a Dole Whip – Pineapple Lanai at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Pineapple Lanai is far less busy than the park locations, yet you can still enjoy the appropriate island atmosphere while enjoying your tropical treat. And, since the Polynesian is just a quick boat ride away from the Magic Kingdom, it’s the perfect place to take an afternoon break from the park crowds while enjoying one of Disney World’s most popular and delicious snacks.

If you do get your Dole Whip at the original Aloha Isle location, always use mobile ordering here. Place your order using the My Disney Experience app on your phone to avoid the line and start enjoying pineapple goodness sooner!

Dole Whips are also now available in many different varieties. The soft serve cups can be swirled with vanilla soft serve to dull the pineapple punch and the Pineapple Float is traditional Dole Whip served over pineapple juice.

Flavors have also expanded to include coconut, raspberry, and more. There are even boozy options with rum at Tamu Tamu and Pineapple Lanai.

My personal favorite Dole Whip is the lime variety available in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland at Storybook Treats. The Peter Pan Float is lime Dole Whip soft serve over Sprite with an on-theme chocolate feather.

With so many different varieties available across Disney World property, you simply can’t miss a Dole Whip on your trip!

Best Disney World Snacks - Citrus Swirl


Sunshine Tree Terrace
Magic Kingdom – Adventureland

Sure, Pineapple Dole Whips are simple, delicious, and refreshing, but if you’re like me and prefer orange flavor to pineapple, get a Citrus Swirl instead!

The Citrus Swirl is frozen orange juice swirled with vanilla soft-serve. The orange tanginess and vanilla creaminess combine for the perfect balance of sweet and tart in a refreshing little cup!

You’ll find Citrus Swirls exclusively in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland at Sunshine Tree Terrace.

Do not be swayed by the Dole Whip Orange or Orange Cream items on the menu. They are not the same!

You’re looking for the “Citrus Swirl Soft-serve Cup.”

Can’t decide between a pineapple Dole Whip and an orange Citrus Swirl? Fortunately, you can get both just steps away from each other in Adventureland. Both Aloha Isle and Sunshine Tree Terrace offer mobile ordering so you can quickly order one of each for the ultimate chilled citrus taste test!

My kids aren’t citrus fans, but they’re always perfectly happy with the chocolate and vanilla soft serve on the Sunshine Tree Terrace menu, which can be swirled or separate. Everyone in the family is refreshed and happy!

Best Disney World Snacks - Cheshire Cat Tail


Cheshire Cafe
Magic Kingdom – Fantasyland

Staying in the Magic Kingdom, but switching back to sugary sweets … my next recommendation is the Cheshire Cat Tail.

Like Gaston’s cinnamon rolls, this treat is ideal any time of day.

A Cheshire Cat Tail is a puff pastry “tail” twisted with chocolate and drizzled with on-theme pink and purple icing.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat that’s smaller than Gaston’s enormous cinnamon rolls, this smaller sugary bread snack will be perfect. Or purrfect!

Cheshire Cat Tails are available at the Cheshire Cafe beside the Mad Tea Party between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. While this location is closed during Disney World’s pandemic phased reopening, you can find Cheshire Cat Tails on the menu at the nearby quick service restaurant, Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe.

In Animal Kingdom, a similar treat is available at Isle of Java. The Tiger Tail Chocolate Twist is a Cheshire Cat Tail, but with orange and brown icing.

Best Disney World Snacks - Night Blossom


Pongu Pongu
Animal Kingdom – Pandora – The World of Avatar

Let’s head over to Animal Kingdom where I always get my favorite refreshing non-alcoholic drink.

The Night Blossom at Pongu Pongu in Animal Kingdom’s Pandora is as delicious as it is beautiful.

The ice cold apple and desert pear limeade flavors are both tart and sweet. This is the perfect chilled beverage for a hot day … which is something I keep repeating with these cold snacks, but Disney World is in hot and muggy central Florida, after all!

I’m not a huge fan of the passion fruit boba balls and usually request they be left out, though they do make for a better Instagram photo!

Pongu Pongu is near the Flight of Passage ride exit so stop by for a Night Blossom after your banshee flight and don’t forget to take a pic of it in front of the nearby moss walls.

Best Disney World Snacks - Lunch Box Tart


Woody’s Lunch Box
Hollywood Studios – Toy Story Land

Yes, I actually put a pop tart on this list!

But these are no ordinary grocery store pop tarts.

No, the Lunch Box Tarts at Woody’s Lunch Box in Hollywood Studios’ Toy Story Land take those flat, dry pre-packaged snacks nearly to a gourmet level.

Lunch Box Tarts have soft, flaky layers of pastry with a fresh filling and sugary sweet topping.

Standard flavors are chocolate-hazelnut and raspberry along with a special lemon-blueberry flavor that began as a special offer, but appears to be a regular offering now. Limited edition flavors are usually available around the holidays, too, including a delicious apple tart.

While I’m a chocoholic, I highly recommend starting with the raspberry lunch box tart. The chocolate-hazelnut lunch box tart is fine, but the freshness of the raspberry elevates this childhood treat.

Woody’s Lunch Box is a quick service dining location open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so this is a snack you can grab any time of day.

Always mobile order using the My Disney Experience app here! Seating is often full and you can always eat a lunch box tart on the go or find a bench nearby.

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